Friday, 11 May 2012

Farewell health farm

So I lasted two weeks at the health farm, or Lotus Villa Ayurvedic health retreat. What a strange two weeks it's been.

There have only been a maximum of 8 people here, but only four for most of my stay. There are millions of staff - well just over 100. I've spent my days being massaged until I'm an oil slick, taking weird medicine concoctions and eating strange but ok food which never really needed much chewing - refer to pics in previous post.

I have lush soft skin, shiny hair and more energy than I know what to do with. Too much energy for a place where there isn't much to do. I've walked the beach, swam laps in the pool, practiced yoga (til i had my 'oops moment), meditated, created my own mini-gym (back pack as weights) and buried my nose in a book. But it's been hard to spend much time doing anything as there is always the next person saying 'time for your next treatment' or 'time for medicine'. Being woken up on your sun lounge to take awful medicine doesn't make for a happy Lynne.

But the doctors (in orange) knew exactly what we were doing at all times so I was a good health farm girl.

I've enjoyed my time here. On 1 May there was a big afternoon party for the staff and their families to celebrate may day. There were some interesting games created and everyone had a fun time.

There was an opening ceremony, I got to light a little oil thingy. Then the national anthem was played and flags raised. Very Olympic games!

This game was hysterical. People were blind folded, twirled around loads then headed off to try and hit a clay thing. Only one person made it.

The kids raced to eat a bread roll tied to a string. All looked a bit dry really.

Filling scotch bottles with water from the pool was hysterical. I did wonder what scotch bottles were doing at the health farm .... I haven't been able to sniff out any booze.

Then the craziest game of all was walking the palm tree to grab flags off the end. A very bendy, wobbly tree I might add, luckily the tree was tied over the pool as there were loads of spills.

It was great to see the staff in their casual clothes having fun and wonderful to meet their children. Sri Lankan people are so warm and friendly with smiles that light up their faces.

And the highlight of the day was cake. It was dry, boring cake but what the hell, it was cake.

The other highlight was going to the local temple with some of the staff to provide food for the local people. The retreat is in a country area so many of the locals struggle to provide food for their families. It was Buddha's birthday, so everyone was dressed in white looking beautiful.

As today was my last full day at the retreat, I didn't have to have any treatments - or take any medicine. My day started with a flower bath .... amazing.

Notice my name made out of flowers on the side of the bath.

Then I had a blessing from the senior doctor before coming back to my room to change for the pool. This is what I found in my room.

The room boys were so proud of their work and got a kick out of my squeals of delight.

So with my doshas now aligned and armed with a list of foods that I should and shouldn't eat (to keep my doshas sorted) I head out tomorrow to explore this amazing country. First stop, probably Maccas.

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  1. So what shouldn't you eat?

  2. Hey Little, sounds like I need to be there. Just want to say, Happy Mothers F****** Day. Love you and we are heading back to Cairns at the end of June. Hel xxxxx