Thursday, 23 February 2012

The good, the bad and the ugly...

So let's start with the good...
This morning at training we did the warm up then headed to the end of the gym where all the new people train. I was ready to get started when my friends Annalie, Sophia and I were pulled aside by the trainers. Next thing we are being taken to the main group. That's right, after only 3 days we have graduated from beginners muay Thai. Very impressive indeed, particularly as some of the guys that started with us are still in the beginners group.

The other good thing - the regular group get to go in the ring. We fight 4 rounds one-on-one with a trainer. He calls out the moves (often in Thai) and you need to follow. This is lots of fun but a bit interesting as I often get my left and right confused. My right elbow punch is getting really good, if i do say so myself.

The bad ...
Well this afternoon I was back in the ring sparring with this dude who really couldn't speak a lick of English. trying to explain that I can't kick with my injured right foot was a laugh. Anyway we're fighting away and next thing go for a big left kick. Now with Muay Thai kicks you need to swing your hips and leg up and across so you hit the pad with the front of your foot and shin. This is much harder than it sounds- particularly if you have short legs to start with, so struggle to get the height needed - and if you are particularly bad at twisting your leg at the same time. Anyway, I lost focus a little and went for the traditional Aussie rules drop punt. But I even got this wrong as I forgot to point my toes down. I'm fairly certain my second toe on my left foot is broken or at least severely disfigured. I now have my second toe taped to the third toe. Makes wearing my havaianas a challenge. I have now retired from the side kicks at waist height - probably should never have attempted them in the first place!

The ugly...
Well that would be my toes. Big toes taped up to stop the blisters from all the twisting and now two toes taped together. The other ugly thing is how everyone looks after about ten minutes of training. Think back to my description of the rivers of sweat. The afternoon sessions are particularly bad. It's quite warm at 3pm, the humidity is at it's peak and there's not a drop of wind. People were dropping like flies today. Along with the sweat soaked clothes, faces are red or purple - it's not a pretty site.I must take some photos to share with you.

Anyway, I've managed 8 sessions so far. There are only a few of us who train twice a day, but for now I'll keep it up - taped up and hobbling.


  1. OMG, you poor little bugger. I haven't been kicking anyone lately but have felt like it several times. I always knew that you had lot's of grunt. Bit like playing hockey for Irishtown and getting smaked in the foot by Squirt. Love yah Helen xxxxx

  2. Great to hear from you Hel. I hope allis well in Moura x

  3. oh dear, your poor toes! sounds like ypu are doing really well though. would love to see some pics.

    1. Hiya Helen, the toes are doing ok - tape is the 'must wear' item at the gym it seems. I'll take some pics soon - just need to get a bit better x