Monday, 20 August 2012

Hitting an all time low in Jordan

As I mentioned in my last post from Jordan, this country is 80% desert, but throughout the desert lands there are some amazing ruins.

I've checked out loads of historical sites, man the Romans got around in their day.

One of the most preserved roman sites in the middle east is Jerash. It was founded in the time of Alexander the Great, a particularly busy traveller as far as the Romans go, and was a very important hub in the third century BC.

The site of Jerash covers an enormous area and I wandered around for hours. So did these goat / sheep type animals. They've got the weirdest heads on them, kinda squashed and squarish.

Then I decided to get a bit holy (again) so headed off to Mount Nebo. Apparently this is the place where Jesus showed Moses the holy lands.

It kinda makes you wonder why they didn't pick promised lands with a bit more greenery.

Then I travelled down to the River Jordan.

Its a murky coloured creek these days but apparently way back when, it was a bit more impressive. In case your not up on your bible reading, John the Baptist baptized Jesus with these waters.

Actually, this is the spot ...

Obvs the river has moved in the last few thousand years, but anyways.

And John the Baptist had a fav spot for baptizing all who were interested. Once again, the river has moved so there's no water in this special spot these days.

Then I bit an all time low .... the Dead Sea. Floating in this salty water I was at the lowest point on earth. It was such a cool experience, I could sit up cross legged with my arms in the air and keep afloat.

I didn't stay in for too long cause as well as being very salty, the water is so bloody hot, not good when the temp is in the low 40's.

Sadly there are no pics of me in the water (was a bit worried about the camera), but here's a shot I took from up on the bank.

PS that's Israel in the background. I could see the lights of Jerusalem of a night ... very cool

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