Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Happy new year Honduras style

Writing about special occassions such as Christmas or New Year on the road is fun, but it is also a problem.... it let's you know how far behind I am with my blog.

Not to worry.

I was up at 4.30am on New Years Eve ... crazy, I know. I hopped onto the bus quite bleary eyed and ready to go back to sleep then realized I'd left my bloody passport in my back pack. I had to get off the bus (a struggle in the cold, dark morning), climb onto the roof of the bus, across all the bags, take the lock off my pack in the dark and find the bloody thing so I could get back inside and try to sleep. Some how I managed to get it quite quickly. Thank god.

The boarder crossing from Guatemala into Honduras is quite civilized. After some quick paperwork and a couple of passport stamps, it was back in the bus and off to Copan.

After the touristy town of Antigua I was a bit surprised by Copan. It is a bit of a one horse town with the common accessory seeming to be a gun or a very big knife. Oh well I'll give these dudes the benefit of the doubt and assume the weapons are for farming or hunting or some such normal type activity.

At least the police were friendly.

As I wandered around town I got the feeling that the locals didn't come across many travellers .... we seemed to get stared at A LOT. Getting stared at by people with weapons can be a little disconcerting.

Note: there are no pictures of people with weapons ... I'm not that foolish!

We headed out to a restaurant bar type place for our last dinner of 2012. The food was good, the strawberry margaritas even better and the tequilla shots kept appearing.

Then the band started up. I'd obviously had enough tequila to think I was a rock star because I soon found myself on stage belting out a tune or two.

Funny thing was the band kept inviting me back. Those of you who know me well will know how funny that actually is.

We saw in the New Year with fireworks over the town square. The men with guns were now throwing crackers .... I toddled off to bed before they really let fire.

Happy new year!

Pics of new year shenanigans

Honduras - Copan

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