Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Belize .... discovering a tropical paradise

The boarder crossing from Mexico into Belize has a reputation for being crazy. So rather than spend hours trying to get into Belize we decided to take a boat.

Our destination was Caye Caulker and there was a regular boat service going straight there .... with one stop on the neighboring island of San Pedro to pop into a sandy floored hut to clear passport control. Too easy.

Welcome to Belize!

Caye Caulker is a small island, about 800 metres long and only 3 streets across, aptly names front street, middle street and back street. There are no cars on the island but if you can't bring yourself to walk a few hundred metres there's always a golf buggy for hire.

Caulker has such a Carribean feel and the locals are some of the most relaxed people on the planet. Understandable really as they live in paradise.

Fruit stalls set up each morning and there is some amazing coffee to be had at any number of the beach front cafes. A tropical island and good coffee .... I was one happy girl!

Walking the streets I loved watching the children play. The sandy streets are their playground and the whole island is like their backyard. They seemed so happy and had so much freedom.

Being an island the seafood on Caulker was amazing. Dinner one night was had at Fran's sitting outside a tiny hut munching on delicious prawns or lobster for a few dollars ... or whatever the local currency was called. I should have taken some pics of the currency as they still have the queen on their notes. It's an old shot as Lizzie looks a teenager!

My time on the island was way too short. Why I didnt try and get residency here I'll never know!

Belize - Caye Caulker

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