Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Getting to Ometepe .... when a ferry becomes a freight carrier

Ever boarded a ferry that you thought was packed. Then sat there as dozens and dozens of people kept coming aboard?

Jumping on the little ferry to Ometepe Island In Nicaragua was exciting. We had to jump over mud and puddles, carry our bags up a gang plank then grab the last remaining seats squashed up with the locals or park on the deck.

I thought we were ready to leave, but boy was I mistaken.

More people kept appearing and squeezing on as the ferry sank lower into the water.

Finally the gang plank was removed and I thought we were ready to go. But once again I was mistaken. The gang plank thingy was replaced by a bit of timber .... so a dude could get his motorbike on board. This required quite a bit of jostling from the many passengers but finally everyone settled and was ready to go.

Then a truck pulled up .... stacked to the brim with bags of rice.

Next thing the dudes are loading the bags into the below deck seating area. I was up on deck but knew what they were doing cause they were just standing on the bank turfing the large bags through the glassless windows.

By this stage the ferry so very low in the water.

It was so entertaining.

I was a bit sad when we finally left the dock, I was sure we could have fitted more stuff on board if we'd tried.

I was a bit over playing tourist, so my time on the island was very chilled. It's not a bad place to relax.

And as for the ferry trip back to the mainland .... the boat was really small but as it was 6am there was loads of room for us and for the motorbikes.

Pics of Granada and Ometepe
Nicaragua - Granada & Ometepe Island


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