Sunday, 29 January 2012

20 days to go....

... So I left it to the end of Jan to apply for my visa for India. The indian visa is current from the date you receive it, not from the date you enter the country. Given that standard visas are for three months (or so I thought) I needed to wait to apply so my visa didn't expire while I was still in India. I head down to the visa place (outsourced - can you bloody believe it! Australian companies outsource to India and the Indian govt outsource to Indians living in Australia), anyway, the room was packed with people. I had a sinking feeling that things were going to go terribly wrong. Turns out, my new found techie skills had me at an advantage. I had done all the paperwork online (just a new service), paid online and created an itinerary so show why I couldn't live without a double entry visa (made up- just in case I get the urge to pop to katmandu). I chose an option from to dozen or so listed on the little machine, got my ticket and proceeded to panic in the photo booth. Emerged from behind the booth curtain as the proud owner of 4 x very bad shots. Fossicked for a seat amongst the mass of humanity and prepared to wait. Next thing I know the flashing number machine is singing my song - head to counter number 15. The very serious man asked me lots of questions which apparently I wasn't supposed to answer (ie I talked too much) and told me 5 working days very minimum. That was ok cause I had 12 not-working days left in the country, no drama. But that night I started to panic. What if the mass of humanity waiting for a visa caused delays. The dudes had my passport, so I couldn't leave the country if I wanted to. Then yesterday I get both a text and an email. Not real sure what they were telling me but it was something about starting processing. Starting, you've had my precious passport and a massive wad of paperwork of two whole days.More panic. Then today I get a text to say my docs were being dispatched. Having forgotten I'd coughed up for courier delivery I started to wonder where my passport was being sent. I get home tonight from yoga and meditation feeling very zen and there at the concierge desk is a courier bag. It's my bloody passport complete with a double entry visa inside. All is good with the world. And, the bloody visa is valid for six months!!

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