Wednesday, 1 February 2012

It's February!

It's February which means I've finished work or am gainfully unemployed as I'd prefer to think of it. Feb also means that it's not long until I leave Australia for over a year. OMG! February is also supposed to mean hot, sunny days ... and it's bloody raining and 22 degrees on my first day of freedom. The weather report showed a calendar of Feb and there's only one rain free day for the month. Obviously that's the reason I'm leaving the country! So how's the to do list going? I've managed to tick off my visa for India and have opened a bank account with no international fees. I've also finalized my itinerary and paid for my RTW ticket. Great news, the price came down by over $200. That actually means that I've made money today, not bad for an unemployed soon to be vagabond. I've booked the removalists, booked accommodation across the road for my last few nights and have purchased more training gear. It might seem foolish to be shopping when I'm about to leave the country but I worked out that I will need at least 4 sets of training gear to get through a day at Muay Thai camp. So much exercise and so much heat ... what was I thinking??? So the next big challenge is to do a trial pack on my backpack. I'm so not enthused. Not only do I need to decide what to pack, but I need to work out how to make everything fit into a not very large 60 litre pack. It's not going to be pretty. Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck Lynne! When I read 'OMG' I totally heard your voice from all those years ago saying 'oh my gaawd'. Made me laugh! xxx