Tuesday, 6 March 2012

All work and no play..... makes for a dull adventure

Training over 4 hours a day leads to a fairly quiet existence from Monday to Friday, but weekends can be a whole different story!
Saturday morning is 7am beach training so it makes perfect sense to stay at the beach for the day and forget that a Saturday afternoon session even exists. We spent this Saturday at a small beach away from the tourist masses.

We had such a great day that we were at the beach til nearly 6pm. Tis made for a late dinner as a storm hit the island.

Sunday is a full day off from the gym. This week I had rounded up 10 or so of my new friends and had organized a long boat trip to Coral Island. But the planning was all in vain as I woke early to discover the storms of the previous night were still persisting. When it rains in Thailand it certainly rains.
So the boat trip was canned and a trip into Patong became the order of the day.
Nothing like the sun coming out as you wait for the taxi - after canceling the boat trip.

Now you may think that Patong is a tourist nightmare, and you may well be right. But there are some things in this town that are just brilliant. See exhibit A.

Then it was time for lunch. As it was our day off from training it was decided that it was time to let loose.

Then for some pampering. Andre, Jason and I had a facial while Annelie had her hair cut. Then the boys had massages while the girls opted for pedi's and a foot massage. Andre and I also saw a really cool 4D movie. I only screamed once!

The it was off to Nicky Handlebar - a bar full of Harley stuff owned by Andre's friends. It felt like Saturday night but unfortunately it was Sunday so with 7am training looming we went light on the beverage front ... making plans to return next Saturday night

As the rain was back no taxi driver wanted to make the late night run to Rawai, so tuktuk it was.

Now you may think that the weekend adventure was over, but we weedy bright and early for Monday training and to celebrate Andre's birthday. While he took himself off to get a birthday tatt we planned dinner.
We arrived at the most amazing place I have been to since I've been here - not hard as I've eaten nearly every meal at cashew nut!

So we got all dressed up (well as dressed up as you can be in havaianas) and took the crazy German chef out to celebrate.

The food and bubbles were amazing at it was smiles all round when the fab birthday pancake appeared.
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Location:Various locations around Phuket


  1. Sorry about all the typos - am having my standard technical issues and can't manage how to fix them. You will just have to put your own spin on what I'm trying to say

  2. Why are you weedy? Don't get stoned in Thailand, Shapelle!!

    Nice exhibit A!!

    I was unaware of the existence of 4D. Maybe if you laid off the weed you wouldn't have discovered a fourth dimension!!!!

    1. I'm not weedy, that was a typo you crazy thing.

      4D is like a 3D movie but your seat has a seatbelt and handles - the movie was like you were on a roller coaster so the seat was moving all around and their was wind blowing and stuff. It was awesome