Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Leaving home .... again

It's Wednesday morning and yes I should be at training but I'm taking the morning off to enjoy well whatever the day brings (and I had a shitty sleep last night). Only 2 full days left in my home of Rawai, and yes it feels like home.

Well home where the sun shines down every day and half of every day is spent punching, kicking, kneeing or sending a flying elbow at someone. It's so tough to training every day in the heat but so great to see progress - there's nothing like landing a great right elbow!

Friday I sleep in India. Not sure I'm ready to let this place go yet.

I've spent some time hanging out with the little fighters at the gym. They finish school at 12 and muay thai becomes their job. Now while I screamed and cheered really loudly for one of my little buddies when he fought in Patong, I can't help but feel a bit sad for them. So to lighten their days, we've had a few visits to my hotel pool. It's so great to hear them giggle like the kids they are - and I fill them with ice-cream and lots of other bad food. So much fun!

Speaking of fun, I've had loads. Saturday's at the beach and Sunday trips to Patong for pampering (and burgers).

And last Saturday just happened to be tuk's birthday (he owns the gym). So not only did we go out to play, so did the trainers. And what a night it was. Dancing on the bar just like at the bridge hotel, tequila shots just like well any big night and so much dancing and laughing.


This last pic is my favourist trainer, Sid. He really let lose.

Anyway off for brekkie and maybe a swim. It's a tough life but I'm giving it a good shot.

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  1. What a wonderful time you have had in Thailand. I have enjoyed following every kick & punch along the way. The photos are great too & you look like you've treasured every minute of it. Glad you managed to stay free from any major injuries. Bring on India love Jen xxx

    1. Hi Jen, great to hear from you. I have had the most amazing time and will certainly be back. I was so sore the first week it was hard to move but by the second week things got better. I've made some great friends, a London reunion is already planned for June. I hope allis well with you xx