Saturday, 3 March 2012

Fights and frollics - week 2 at Rawai

Week 2 at Rawai Muay Thai camp held many adventures, the highlight was attending my first ever muay thai fight night. Three people from our camp were competing so we donned our camp shirts, piled into buses and headed to Patong.

Annelie and I waiting for the bus....

and modeling our new purchases.

Then it was the long trek into Patong on the mini bus ... (Andre, me, Jason, Katie & Annelie are featured)

Katie and Annelie, my camp buddies.

And finally all the buses arrived at the stadium and the Rawai camp made ourselves at home.

This is the closest I'll be getting to that ring!

There were about 8 fights all up, with three fighters from our camp. It was a great night, they all won. By the way, the dude who lost the last fight vomitted in the ring, promise there are no photos of that mess.

Doing the traditional dance type thingy at the start. We've been taught this at camp - I make it interesting by adding tunes (or noise for those of you who know that I don't do tune).

Then the amazing Ella was up. Ella's from the UK and has been training for a total of 7 or 8 weeks - less injury time. She is a great girl and we were in fine voice to cheer her on. It reminded me of the noise I make at a saints game.

Ella won in a knock out - surprising herself more than us.

Then today I invited the 6 young fighters from my camp over for a swim in the pool. It was so much fun despite the language barrier. All of these kids are training full time. But I decided that they needed to be naughty so gave them bags of chips and cans of coke. They loved it!

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