Sunday, 15 April 2012

Getting to Goa

Given the thousands of km's we had travelled - by overnight sleeper train, local crowded bus, day trains,boats, camels, auto -rickshaws, taxi cars and on foot, I seriously questioned by decision to stay in Calcutta an extra night (well that was cause I gave the travel dude the wrong date) and I also seriously questioned the 3 day stop over in Mumbai.

Now don't get me wrong, every place has it's own good and bad spots. Calcutta is a town trying to be American. The main street, Park Street has a wide selection of upmarket goodies to meet your needs. It also many,many people living in harsh condition, but the people are proud, of their city and of Eden Park, a great cricket field.

As you would be aware, I checked in to 2 days of luxury as a reward. The Park Hotel was quite funky and the room was a treat.... no stains on the wall, no holes or stains in the bedding, a proper shower, OMG clean fluffy towels and a western standard bed. Woo hoo.

I had a great farewell dinner with the UK girls and thought I was feeling a bit off due to too much food. But once again Delhi belly had struck! I didn't get to lay by the or visit the spa, I was curled up in my room for 2 days. On the upside, I was curled up in a very coft and cozy bed!

I wasn't sure how I'd go flying but was taking drugs so hope all would be ok.
I landed in Mumbai and headed to the beachfront hotel i picked up as a bargain. Now Novotels, from my Glenn Waverly experiences aren't too flash. But this place was amazing. Even comfier bed, ocean view and all the trapping you could want.

I organized my IPL cricket tickets for the next night then headed to my comfy bed for a great sleep. The day was spent poolside overlooking the ocean. There was no need to get in the ocean as it was a bad colour, didn't want to know what was in that water.
Then at 5.15 it was off to the game. One of the guys from the concierge desk came with me to sort out transport and to get me through the mad crowds. But it was all quite easy. The AFL could learn a few things from the efficient Indians.

The game was a scream. The crowd were on their feet chanting and dancing well before the match started. I was disappointed that Tandulka wasn't playing but there were so many big names it didn't matter. Pollard was the star for the Mumbai Indians scoring something like 68 runs off 42 balls. Brad Hogg made this Aussie proud (even though he was playing for the royals) with some great bowling & 2 wickets. He also had a he'll of a time with the crowd when he was fielding on the boundary.
It was a close finish so the noise levels increased, as did the dancing and playing of musical instruments. The Pies army think they have it sussed but these crazy cricket fans leave them for dead.
Plans for the next day included a big tour of Coloba and the many sites of this cosmopolitan city but after arriving home at 1am and still feeling worn out from being sick, I opted for a walk around town then another pool day.

So Friday 13th was a travel day. I managed to get in another swim before heading to the airport for the one hour flight to Goa. What I didn't realize is the Goa airport is 1.5 hrs from the southern beaches. Not to worry, the little dude cranked up the music and we sang all the way.
Art Resort, Palolem Beach .... I have found home. There are 7 little huts, basic but clean and cozy. The restaurant bar is right on the beach (with sun lounges) and there are day beds swinging from trees and hammocks to relax in.
This little green number is home for the next week!

There was no option but to have a beach day. The beach is relatively quite as it's coming toward the end of the season but there are enough people around to make it interesting. I have never seen a cleaner beach in all my Asian travels and the water is pristine with a few waves to play in.
I chose my sun lounge and settled in.I think this is the first time I have really relaxed in india. I actually woke up yesterday thinking I was in a different country!
My day was filled with sun baking, swimming, strolling the beach then a massage. I thought this was the perfect end to a perfect day but I was wrong.
I'm sitting in a swinging day bed watching the sun set when a band starts up. Two guys on guitar started the session with a funked up version of Green Green Grass of Home! I settled in for some dinner, a few cold kingfishers and sang along all night.
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  1. Your little green hut is very cute! It's good that you have some time to relax a bit.