Friday, 13 July 2012

London ... our time is over, just like your summer!

Friday 13 July, my last full day in London. I've woken really early and am drinking coffee and enjoying some time without rain. But it is grey and overcast so the next shower isn't far away.

I've had a ball in this amazing city despite the weather. I've played tourist, joined a gym, caught up with loads of friends and enjoyed being able to cook meals or do the washing. After five months on the road it has been amazing having a home with Kristen for six weeks.

It's so easy to play tourist in this town. There is so much to see and do and I've only just scratched the surface. I was lucky enough to have a few days of sunshine when I got back from Paris, so made the most of it.

Please note the sunshine ... It is a rare event in London!

I hopped on a boat and took a leisurely cruise down the Thames to Greenwich. It was a rare day indeed as I got a bit sunburnt.

Greenwich is a cute little down... And they make damned good fish and chips.

I also left the city and headed further afield on my adventures. I popped in to Windsor Castle to see Lizzie ... she's been having a break in the cute town of Windsor trying to recover from her big Jubilee celebrations. The flag's up so Lizzie was home and probably ready to make me a cup of tea.

The gardens around the castle were beautiful. I included this shot cause I thought mum would like it.

Not only did I get to see the guards practice a few tunes, they took a march through the town. Showing off a bit really ... but gave me some good photo opps.

Bath was the next stop on my adventure. My arrival in town coincided with a big storm but luckily there were very strong winds to blow it away.

The cathedral in Greenwich is magnificent. The Roman Baths are also very cool but there were a few too many people in there for my liking so I strolled the streets.

Bath is the kind of place you could stay for a week. I only had a few hours so strolled a bit faster than usual around town, well as fast as you can go while drinking a warm chai late that is.

Then it was on to Stonehenge. As it was summer solstice we weren't allowed in ... Didn't bloody tell me this when I booked the ticket. But is was pouring rain again so probably good to stay on the bus.

Despite the sightseeing adventures, I was getting a bit over the cold, wet weather so on a whim popped in to Flight Centre near my gym in Clapham. A few minutes later I walked out the proud owner of flights to Bulgaria.

Now I've never been to Bulgaria and to be honest never knew much about the place but it's 35 degrees, has a fab beach and is cheap ... handy when you are on a budget. So off to Bulgaria I went.

I had a lovely week on the beach, swimming in the slightly cool ocean and reading on my sun lounge. But boy the Bulgarians are a weird bunch. Apologies to any Bulgarians out there but you are odd. There are no photos of this week as I don't take my camera to the beach and to be honest I didn't really go anywhere else. But I did get an amazing suntan.

Back from Bulgaria I was still in a beach mood so Kristen and I decided to spend the day in Brighton. I may have been pouring rain, but we were prepared to dress for the occasion.

But there was a miracle. After a short 45 mins on the train we arrived in Brighton to brilliant sunshine. There were even some poor deluded souls swimming.

Now I'm never one to waste some sunshine so I did a little baking while we had fish & chips and bevies on the beach.

It was a very fab day but in the end we had to grab a cab to the station as we got caught in a big downpour!

One of the big events on my London calendar, and the reason I extended my stay was to see Cold Chisel play at Shepherds Bush Empire. And the boys didn't disappoint.

It's probably a good thing I'm leaving town now, I was playing tourist around town yesterday albeit with a slight cold chisel hangover and the streets were crazy busy. I think Olympic chaos has hit town already ... best I head to the quieter streets of Cairo!

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