Thursday, 25 October 2012

A little slice of Slovenia

Sometimes you get really lucky and come across a place that you know nothing about but is totally amazing.

I was sitting in the Austrian sun having coffee with Andre while we were deciding where to go for the day. Italy was a strong contender but I was heading there next so we decided on Slovenia.

We banged Ljubljana into the GPS and hit the road. After a bit of a delay at a tunnel we were in Slovenia ... and it was only about half an hour since we'd left Velden.

Wandering around the streets of the capital of the country we were so impressed ... magnificent old buildings next to crumbling ones, funky cafes, a castle, a grand town hall and town square and even a river running through the town. This place seemed to have it all. The sun was shining and the locals were all out and about. The vibe of this city is very cool and everyone seems so happy.

We had dinner in one of the many cool restaurants then wandered around a bit more before heading back to Austria. The visit was short but amazing.... I will definitely be back.

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