Sunday, 28 October 2012

Venice ... you sure did test me

For those of you who following me on Facebook, you will know that I will never, that is NEVER be going back to Venice.

My three days in this city are overshadowed by mosquito bites that turned into enormous lumps and blisters .... and then there was the bed bug incident (which by the way has me checking every mattress in every hotel, guest house or hostel I now stay in) But enough of the bugs, Venice is a kinda cool place. And it was cold so the city didn't have the reputed bad smell lingering which was a plus.

I got off my luxury bus and jumped on the mono rail to central square. From there i had directions on how to get to my hostel. It was cool walking over the bridge of the grand canal (despite having to lug my pack), then through loads of narrow cobbled streets and over small canals filled with gondolas.

I wandered around the lane ways and squares then found a very cool local bar / restaurant where I had my first pasta in Italy. It was good. Very good.

As Venice has waterways instead of roads, transport is by water bus. I grabbed a two day pass and set off to explore. Despite the wet weather, the city is impressive. The architecture and history just blew me away.

I also spent an afternoon exploring the islands of Murano and Burano.

I fell in love with the bright colored houses and friendly people of Burano. Such a vibrant place full of happy locals.

These are pics from Venice that my blog has put in the wrong spot. It seems to have a mind of it's own sometimes .....

I also had an epic five hour visit to the Venice hospital due to the bug incident. Sadly I couldn't take any pics but the doctors were so very cute.

There is a link to all my pics in case you want to see more....
Italy - Venice


  1. It does look very pretty.

    It's a good thing you didn't go there in the Middle Ages, or you'd probs have caught the plague as well! It was a very unlucky city for you!

  2. maybe she does have the plague. i will google the symptoms.