Thursday, 8 November 2012

Morocco .... Fez-inating

Fez is the spiritual home of Morocco. And if you listen to the locals, the home of culture, the arts, scholars and all things good in the country. And its also home to the famous hat. I didn´t buy a fez but had fun trying it on.

My first night in town was impressive .... dinner at a local home. But this was no little shack, we wandered through the dark streets and through a door which opened into an amazing riad. The family have turned a room into a quasi restaurant and serve the most amazing food. Walking home we encountered a dude with a knife being hassled by teenagers. Well it was more of a veggie peeler really but he was trying to be tough regardless.

The next day we checked out the Royal Palace ... very impressive gates, then wandered through the streets of the town.

Next stop, the medina. With over 10,000 streets this is one hell of a place. It is a whole town set within the high city walls. Craftsmen sit in little stalls welding, dying leather and yarn, carving wood and decorating metal. It is the home of the world's first university, has loads of mosques and so many shops selling everything imaginable ... and a few things that you would never dream of.

The leather souk with it's famous tannery is an amazing sight. Although disappointing that there were no bright colored dyes the day we visited, watching the workers climb in and out of the vats was fascinating.

The medina was founded in 859AD and is thought to be the worlds largest continuing medina. It is said to be one of the most extensive and best preserved historic towns in the world.

It certainly had enough to entertain me to hours ... actually I could have stayed for days. It was fez-inating.

Link to all photos of Fez
Morocco - Fez


  1. Great pics Lynne! Hard to believe we were there only a couple of weeks ago.

    1. Hey Zita, great to hear from you. It certainly feels like a long time ago but more morocco posts to come to remind us of our travels. I hope life home in Melbs in treating you well x