Thursday, 22 November 2012

Malta ... my haven from travel

Many people think that I have taken a holiday, a bloody big holiday. But long term travel is very different to holidaying.

All my worldly possessions are in a 60 litre pack and home is wherever I manage to stay for a day or two. So much time is spent finding somewhere to sleep, working out how to get to the next destination and then researching what to do when you get there. Not to mention the constant budgetting, shared bathrooms, shared bedrooms, trains, buses, planes and whatever other cheap transport I can find.

And I'm travelling solo. This is a very good thing but it adds to the workload, there is no one else to make plans for me. It can also be inconvenient. I have to be alert when travelling to keep an eye on my bags, I have to lug said bags into the loo with me and around town if I land somewhere and need to find a bed.

But there is something so very exciting about not knowing where you will be next week or sometimes even the next day. I have done so many cool things, met so many amazing people and seen the most awesome sites. But I was moving around too much and pushing myself too hard.

Getting sick on the road when you are by yourself isn't fun.

I'd been sick with one thing or another since Venice (as I've said before, never go there!) So when I picked up the flu bug thingy in Lisbon I just couldn't shake it and after five days was getting worse. It was time to take a break from travel.

Malta was my destination of choice. The flights were cheap, the temperature was warm and I found a good hotel at a cheap price.

And my fab friend Hayles had given me loads of advice on what to see and do while I was there.

I landed in Malta and checked into my very nice hotel on the water in Sleima ... note hotel not hostel. Yes, that's right, I had my own room and own bathroom. Woo hoo! I also had fabulous views across the water to Valetta.

I couldn't speak as I'd lost my voice (not so handy when you are travelling) and I was aching all over but I was happy.

I spent the next five days doing absolutely nothing. I hadn't done this since I'd left Australia ... I'd forgotten how good doing nothing can be. I slept, I sat in the sun, I slept, I read and I slept. And I started to feel better.

I did manage to spend one day checking out what Malta had to offer, and it was good. Very good. I guess I'll just need to come back and explore a bit more one day.

While I didn't see much of Malta, I left feeling much better and so excited for what my next adventure would bring ...... Hola Mexico!


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  1. Just had a look at your Malta photos. You have actually taken a photo of where we stayed in Valletta - it was overlooking Manuel Island in Valletta - we had a roof top apartment with amazing views and the most magnificent sunsets I have ever seen. Really old place which had been renovated, had to go up a creepy staircase to get to the top. Brought back good memories. Glad you got to Mosta as well - did you go into the church there? Magnificent dome -amazing story where a bomb from WWII came through the dome and didn't explode (church was full of people). Churches are beautiful there - the Maltese love their churches and their saints (and festivals). My father-in-law grew up in Valletta when it was being bombed during the war(they had to go into a shelter during the air raids). I just love that place. We took my mother-in-law with us so was great as she took us to all the sights. Did you get to go to Mdina or island of Gozo by any chance? I know you were resting while there so probably didn't get there.

    Shame you didn't get to enjoy Venice - my other favourite. I guess there has to be one place you don't like and the fact you got so sick didn't help- ours was Milan. But we were only away for a month. One day would love to do what you are doing, but don't think I would be brave enough and my husband is not a good traveller (well flyer). Maybe when we are retired (if that ever happens).

    Your Mexico City photos are amazing. Didn't imagine it to look like that. It is so big.

    Loving reading about your travels. One of my friends has the travel bug too and wants to start reading your blog. And by the way, your sisters are hilarious (not stalking your posts or anything!!). Total crack ups.

    Have fun

    Louise xx