Saturday, 8 December 2012

Taking to the kitchen in Oaxaca

For those of you who know me well, you would have heard me say many times 'I can cook but I choose not to'. And its true. I don't get the buzz out of cooking that some people do, I don't get that at all.

So why then would I choose to spend my time and money on cooking school you may ask. Well the thing is, food in Mexico is awesome, super awesome in fact. The fact that I can't speak or read spanish has me ordering all sorts of dishes that I have no idea about, but they are all good. And spicy.

So off to cooking school it was for me and my buddies Olga, Jemma and Ryan. Well it wasn't really school, more a family home with people who taught us gringos about Mexican food. But whatevs.

We started the day at the local markets. We had loads of fun checking out where the locals do their shopping.

The flowers were beautiful but I must try and stay focussed. I'm here for food shopping today,

We bought all the produce we needed then headed to the kitchen to cook up a storm.

On the menu was a mole, that yummy sauce that is famous in this area. It has loads of ingredients, lots of kick and a big handful of chocolate. It is perfect. Oaxaca has seven different types of mole but we were making just one kind today.

We also whipped up stuffed peppers (chilli's not capsicums). The peppers were stuffed with a chicken dish that had to simmer forever. This dish was really, really hot. Poor Jemma nearly went purple when she tried it. Maybe because I left most of the seeds in perhap??

Oh, I may have needed a little rest before taking to the kitchen. The mum of the house was kind enough to rock me for a bit. Very nice of her really.

 Olga and Jemma shred some chicken. Please note, this is not the chicken you saw with legs in the air in the market. We're not that crazy!

Ryan is a dab hand with the tomatoes.

 What a picture of concentration I am whilst stuffing the peppers. Shame I didn't focus that much when I was supposedly seeding them.

This dish was so very good.....

 And these are the peppers that nearly brought an end to poor Jemma....

It was a fun day and the best part was that the food we made was edible. Well actually it was delicious. We relaxed with a magarita or two then took our tired bodies off for a massage. Well being in the kitchen is rather stressful!


  1. I'll expect a demonstration of your talents when you return to Oz Jen xx

  2. Abolutely ADORED this post. I found it through the All About Puebla fb page. I live in Oaxaca, in a large part because I love the food so much. Thanks for a fun, intelligent, & beautifully photographed look at my city.