Thursday, 6 December 2012

Puebla ... a Mexican gem

Leaving Mexico City, it was time to check out some of the other areas of this fabulous country that is Mexico. We jumped on the local bus and mmmmm luxury. This was no chicken bus, this was comfy seat, air con first class luxury kinda bus. I could sure get used to this.

Puebla was the first stop. This city is the fifth largest in the country, but has a relaxed vibe and smaller town feel.

The centre of the town is dominated by the cathedral and the large square where the locals congregate and random street performers are not fussy about who joins in on the act.

Yes that's right, if you look closely you can see that I joined in a clown act. It was quite fun for a while.

The town is spotlessly clean and there is some amazing architecture. What is it with me and buildings ... seems I've developed a fetish for cool or weird buildings along my travels.


We wandered through the local markets......

Had a quick snack ...

Then headed across town to the wrestling. This mexican wrestling lark is a scream. The dudes dress up and wear the coolest masks. While it was very obvious each fight was well rehearsed, the drama and flair along with the food trucks and cold beer made for a good night.

After a leisurely breakfast overlooking the square, we jumped on the local bus to the town of Cholula. This town is packed with churches and we were planning to visit the church on the hill with views to an active volcano .... but things started to go a bit wrong on the bus.

Check out the smoke coming out of the volcano ... it was very cool.

Without giving you all the gory details, it seems that the dude who made my morning coffee didn't boil the water. My tummy was gurgling and I only just made it off the bus in time.

While I did get to see a bit of the town and local festival I also saw a whole lot of the local toilets. But you will be pleased to know I made it home on the bus without incident (but with imodium)!

Mexico - Puebla

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  1. Ha ha ~~ Lovely post despite the hazards you suffered. I can't wait to get back to Puebla, where I've only been once & very briefly. You did some really cool stuff while you were there. I'd never considered taking in the wrestling before, but hey -- looks like fun!