Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Muay Thai week 2 - a pictorial

Rather than bore you with words, I thought you might like to see me in action - boxing shorts and all!

Entering the ring

A nice front kick

Just look at the focus...

Knees are great fun but they kinda hurt like hell

Even in the ring you still have to do push ups at the end of each round

It was a tough day at the office, particularly as I'd just finished a 2k run before I got in the ring. And it was the 3pm session so it was slightly 'warm'.

Posted from somewhere round the world...

Location:Rawai Muay Thai Gym


  1. Your legs look really muscly when you're climbing into the ring. How's your broken toe?

    1. My toe is heaps better. Thanks for the comment on my legs, if only the rest of me was as toned!