Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I'm in London town

After all my travels, I land in London town for the first time - ever! Now I know I've been here for a while (and popped to a few other places) but I'm a bit behind with my blog so bear with me.

My arrival in the UK coincided with the Diamond Jubilee celebration extra long weekend. Lizzie has been on the throne for 60 years so everyone gets a 4 day weekend and she throws a hell of a party. The town is painted red, white and blue but it rains non-stop.

But the Brits are use to lousy weather so are out in force to watch the official Royal stuff and turn up in the tens of thousands to watch the royal concert. We watched from the comfort of our sofa - well I was freezing in the house so wasn't prepared to venture outdoors despite how patriotic to Lizzie I may have been feeling.

I settled into my new home with the fabulous Kristen Smith who not only came to Heathrow to meet me but hosted a jubilee tea party - so I could join in the celebrations without leaving the house!

My first week in London seemed to be all about the beverage. Well I did have lots of friends to catch up with, and what's a catch up without bubbles I say!

So while many hours were spent in a pub - or having a very civilized afternoon tea in Kensington, thanks Simon - I was also a very good tourist. I left the lounge room (and the pub), jumped on the tube and went shopping. If I was going to take on this town I needed the right equipment, so bought myself a coat, boots and jumpers.

Oops, more beverages. It was a tourist moment though, fish and chip pub lunch at tower bridge.

I love London. Despite the rain (it's sunny at the moment thank god) I played perfect tourist and rode the hop on hop off bus. I got a bit frozen so decided to walk. I picked up a cup of tea and headed over to the palace to see how Lizzie had pulled up after her weekend of partying.

I walked along the Thames, hung out in Piccadily and ticked off many major sites .... all in just over a week. Well I'd had two days at home with a head cold so was trying to make up for lost time!

But the more I see of London the more I realize there is to discover. So enough of this chat, I'm off exploring.

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