Monday, 11 June 2012

Japanese adventures - week 2

I was up bright and early Sunday morning so went to the gym. Ot sure if it was the karaoke or the yummy dinner, but I was full of energy.

Kathryn and I headed out late morning to Kichijojo. Poor Anita had to stay home and study so I look photos of each step of our journey so she didn't feel left out.

The trains in Tokyo are kinda strait forward. It just looks confusing.

There were 1 or 2 people out enjoying their Sunday.

There is a really cool park with Kichijojo where local artists set up stalls to sell there work. There is also a lake which was FULL of people on pedal boat swan things.

We wandered the park, checked out a temple and chatted to the locals before heading to the zoo.

The zoo was a bit of a disaster as we went in a random gate and the section with most of the animals was in the other direction. It was nearly closing time but we would have made it if they hadn't taken so long telling us that it is nearly closing. Never mind, we saw lots of very cool ducks.

Week two was packed with fun adventures and outings, planned by my tour guide Kathryn. We headed south to the beachside town of Kamakura. It was a very sunny day but the beach was windy, and not very nice. You are supposed to see Mt Fuji from here but we weren't sure which direction we should be looking and it wasn't clear enough. Anita made a Mt Fuji shape for us so we didn't miss out.

The giant Buddha and temples were really cool. Kamakura is a touristy area but it is so cute.

A trip to Japan just isnt complete without a trip to the Tokyo fish markets. Kathryn and i had fab brunch before heading to Asakura to check out a mighty big temple.

I love this country, you never know what you are going to see next.

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