Monday, 4 June 2012

The land of the rising sun - part 1

I survived my 20 hours travel from Colombo to Tokyo via Bangkok and Hong Kong thanks to lots of space on the plane.

I arrived into Tokyo late so checked in to an airport hotel. Up early the next day, navigating trains to meet Kathryn. I even managed to find the right exit at the station so Kathryn was right there when I walked out of the station. Anita arrived a couple of minutes later so we went for coffee then home on the Mita line.

I set up my futon. It is a very cosy bed. We went into Izakaya for dinner at a place where you view dishes on a screen then order electronically. And so began the epic Japanese food adventure. We stopped off a karaoke but I was exhausted so donned earplugs rather than participate.

After a big sleep Kathryn and I headed to Harajuku. I bought some normal (not hippy) clothes while Kathryn got her hair cut. We went into a new shopping centre with great views of the hectic streets below. This is the famous intersection that I can't remember the name of.

Thursday morning Kathryn and I went for a big walk around their area. We discovered a pond with lots of olden fishing, temples and a gym. Visited the gym a few times which the attendants found quite amusing cause we couldn't communicate.

Anita cooked us a yummy curry veggie dinner with chicken. It was amazing.

The food journey continued the following day when I met Kathryn after the gym. We went into a little shop and ordered our lunch from a vending machine. It spits out a ticket which you hand to the staff. Makes communicating very easy.I had yummy tomato curry. We went to theKorean part of Tokyo in the afternoon. I won a water filter but traded it for lollies as it wouldn't fit in my pack.

Saturday was Anita's birthday. Yay. Anita got brekkie and pressies in bed. after the early morning celebrations we headed to Chiba on the train. Off to the baseball to on the Marines.

It was a sunny day so a cooling beverage was required. These girls have mini kegs in back packs. The AFL could learn from this.

Birthday dinner was at a member of the band Arashi's mums restaurant. It was Chinese and so yummy. There was Arashi tribute stuff everywhere sent from fans.

After dinner we headed back into the city for a spot of karaoke. We belted out the tunes. Fun.

My flight is being called. More Japanese adventures to follow soon.

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  1. I forgot you won a water filter!

    1. How could you forget the water filter event. It was nearly as impactful and the rock splitting cherry tree

  2. This seems like a long time ago! I wish I still had those strawberries!!!

    1. It does seem like a long tome ago but that's probably because we have created so many wonderful memories since

  3. Sounds like you all had a great time. I am jealous. Stay safe and have fun. Helen x