Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Beach training ... Warning some images may disturb

After 10 sessions or 22.5 hours of training in the gym we get to go to the beach on Saturday mornings. The session started with a warm up run to the end of the beach and back. Trust me, I was well and truly warm at the end of that.

The whole session was cardio, so you may think that I've popped into the ocean for a little swim, but I can assure you it is all sweat. As I said in the heading, some images may disturb you.

I'm standing next to Sid, my fav trainer (he's much stronger than he looks) and some Aussie's who were training for a week. This is before training started.

Upper cuts ... 14 times zig zagging up the beach x 3 circuits.

If you don't bow at the start and end you have to do 20 push ups. Remembering to bow becomes pretty easy.

10 knees on each leg .. they are about as much fun as running on soft sand.

This is probably knees as well but looks like I've stopped for a breather. The shining sweat look is so not good.

After other sprints with punches x about 3 or 4 circuits we got to swim. A few of us stayed at the beach for the day as it was bloody hot. So hot in fact that I sat under an umbrella all day - and I never do that!

There will be some gym pics coming soon, but they are going to be even more unflattering so will come with a warning.

Surprising really how something so hard can be so much fun.

Posted from somewhere round the world...

Location:Nai Hahn beach (not correct spelling)


  1. You are looking good, well apart from the sweat.

    1. Thanks. You get used to the sweat after a few days although I can't wear some of the tshirts I packed cause they get too heavy when they are soaked in sweat.

  2. Go Lynne, very impressed with your committment and you look great. Love Jen xxx

    1. Thanks Jen. It's hot, hard work but lots of fun x