Saturday, 18 February 2012

Where am I and where am I going?

So where am i and where am I planning to go over the next 14 months and how did I come up with the not-round-number of fourteen?

I am currently in Thailand, stop one on my adventure. It is day 2 and I am settling in to life at Happy Elephant Resort in Rawai at the bottom of Phuket island. I chose this spot because of the muay thai camp in the area. The initial plan was to stay here for two weeks then move to a beach hut somewhere for the next couple of weeks. But plans have changed already.

I decided that the monthly rate for my room and for the training were too good to pass up - so rather than wait and see how I liked and survived intensive training,I have jumped right in and booked and paid for a month. OMG I hope I like it!

If I ever survive the next four weeks then I head to India. The plan goes like this.....
17 March - 27 April, India
This includes 22 days on Intrepid then on to Mumbai, Goa and Kerala (although I have got a double entry visa so could pop to Nepal if I feel the urge)

27 April - 21 May, Sri Lanka
The first couple of weeks I'm booked into an ayurvedic retreat, then kicking around and catching up with my buddy Rukshan who happens to be there at the same time as me

21 May - 4 June, Japan
Hanging out with Anita and Kathryn. No plans cause I think Kathryn has been appointed tour guide

4 June - 26 June, UK (with maybe a few days in France)
Catching up with Kristen, Katie, Anthea and Simon

26 June - 29 July, Egypt and Jordan

29 July - 11 Sept, Turkey and a couple of Greek Islands

11 Sept - 3 Nov, Spain, Portugal, Morocco and hopefully the south of France if I can afford it

3 Nov - around early March
Mexico and Central America - plans are quite vague at the moment, but I fly in to Mexico City and out of Panama City

Quick stops in Miami and LA before landing back in Thailand by 14 March 2013.

I have booked an around the world ticket out of Bangkok which is valid for 12 months, with a month in Thailand at the start and finish. This all depends on how the money holds out of course.

Now about that Muay Thai ... I went down to the gym and purchased my gear and got sorted to start on Monday (Sunday is a day off) and somehow decided it would be a good idea to start tomorrow with a one-on-one session. I'm sure I'll survive?!?

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Location:Happy Elephant Resort, Rawai, Thailand


  1. Are you going to be all annoying and santimoniously anti-smoking by the time you get to Japan?

  2. Who knows ... I'm having a few blog challenges cause all of the navigation and help has changed to Thai, the only thing still in English are my posts