Friday, 17 February 2012

Last night in Australia fraught with technical difficulties

For those that know me well, you will know that technology and I are fraught with difficulties. I've spent way too long tonight trying to work out how to add photos to my blog. It seems that an iPad has lots of just discovered limitations.

Then I remembered I'd downloaded the blogpress app. So here I am. I also realized that the pic I wanted to post wasn't very interesting ... so I'll put these hours down to experience.

The pic below or exhibit A as I'd like to call it, is of my stuff. For those of you familiar with the standard Perpetual backpack, you will realize just how small my pack is. Thank god I'm an organized freak. I have packing cubes. What a wonderful invention. You can fit so much stuff (as listed in the last post) into a small space.

You can also see from exhibit A that I have purchased what I commonly call ugly tourist sandals. The thing is, these ugly things are the most comfortable footwear ever to don these feet. Obviously I've opted for comfort over style now that I'm a vagabond.

My last post from Aust was going to be my itinerary. Guess I'll just have to post that from the FIRST class lounge tomorrow.

That's right folks, I've managed to get my hands on a complimentary pass to the top notch lounge. Thank you Alan Joyce. I guess a vagabond should leave the country in style.

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Location:The noisy apartments across the road from my fab moved out of home


  1. Lynne, Enjoy every moment of your first class lounge today.

    I'll be reading with keen interest your posts, I'll have quite a bit more time on my hands over the next few months. I'm moving on from perpetual and exploring the outside world!

    Enjoy the buzz and excitement of taking the first step off into adventure land.

    Much love

  2. Good for Jane on making a change. I'm posting my itinerary soon so if you get bored or feel like a little adventure you can visit me. Take care x

  3. Lynne, I'm interested to know if you wore your sandal in the Qantas FIRST Class lounge? Love Jen xxx

  4. Hey Jen, I didnt wear my ugly tourist sandals into the first class lounge but I did wear my very casual walking shoes. I could have worn by havaianas, most people were quite casual. Kinda wish I did wear my havaianas as the plane was really warm. Hope you guys are enjoying the weekend xx