Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Now it feels real....

So the removalists have come and gone. All of my worldly possessions have been packed into a cage type thingy, locked up and taken to some storage facility somewhere. It was a bit sad seeing the last things taken out of my fabulous apartment. But at least I have the keys til Friday so can use the gym and pool for a few more days.

Now to the pack. It is full. Very full. Probably a bit too full. My pack contains the following stuff to keep me going for the next 14 months...
The clothes:
5 x pants/capris
3 x tshirts
4 x other tops
2 x skirts
The obligatory smalls (for those who like detail there's 8 knickers, 4 socks, 2 reg & 3 sports bras
2 x singlet tops
2 x shorts (one pair for sleeping)
3 x training tops & shorts
In compression bag - 1 x spray jacket, 1 x cardigan, 1 x hoodie, 1 x long sleeve tshirt
2 x swimmers
1 x sarong
1 x comfy walking type shoes (not called hiking shoes cause I don't hike)
1 x runners
1 x walking sandal type things, look a bit tourist-like but damn they are comfy
1 x flip flops
1 x scarf
The other stuff:
iPad & charger
Digi camera & charger
Mobile phone & charger
Kindle & charger
3 x padlocks & 1 x lock with wire
International power adaptors
Universal sink plug & clothes line (for washing clothes)
International travel alarm clock
Safety pins & bulldog clips (cause they're handy)
Snap lock bags ( cause they are also handy)
Lots of hand wipes & hand sanitized (for india obviously)
Travel towel
Silk sleeping bag
Waterproof cover for pack
Very cool folded very small but opens very big bag (just in case)
Fab journal Kathryn gave me for Christmas
Plastic door stopper (so baddies can't get in my room in dodgy places)

Insect repellant
Ear drops
Shampoo & conditioner
Moroccan oil (can't go anywhere without it)
Brush & comb
Body wash
Other bits and pieces of bathroom stuff
And a bag of various drugs and first aid basics
Small foundation & mascara
Nail scissors
And lots of little packets of tissues. Commonly called toilet paper when I get to India

I think that's everything. Now can you see why the pack is full. I can't work out what I can remove to lighten the load. I'm sure I'll soon work it out if I struggle carrying the load!

1 comment:

  1. I think you can cut back on pants/capris.

    Also, you realise that you probs don't need an ipad, ipod, kindle, phone and camera - pretty sure some of those overlap somewhat.

    Are you getting excited? It's only two more sleeps!!